Rwanda Educational Tour Service

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Rwanda is like a flare for African tourists now in every aspect, paired with the spectacular natural beauty and diverse Fauna & Flora; it truly makes an inspiring country to travel. Rwanda is the place where you will always get to learn and feel like coming back again and again. The prospects are high for all of you who want to learn something new beyond its culture, climate and wildlife. So keep ready to learn a lot with Rwanda Educational tour Service of Hermosa Life Tours and Travel.

Exceptional & Experiential Rwanda Educational Tour Service

We are a Rwandan tour operator having specialization in African safari vacation, wildlife safari tour in Rwanda, adventure tour in Rwanda and educational tour in Rwanda. Our objective is to bring a difference in Rwanda travel experience, add to awareness of students as well as researchers and create vital learning opportunities for educational institutions and corporations with expert insight of guides.

Enriching and Educational Tour Service to Rwanda

We never let our clients miss out on the most interesting prime tourist attractions of Rwanda including the renowned mountain Gorillas and certainly give value to enriching, experiential and educational tours. Taking a tour to the African country, learn about its history, culture, people and daily challenges, and personal interactions, and involvement become the main focus of our Rwanda educational tour programs. We deliver full-scale Rwanda educational tour service to organizations, educational institutions, corporates, international associations, Churches, interested travel clients and individuals with custom itineraries that suit their specific desires and needs.

Intense and Enjoyable Rwanda Educational Tour Service

We are capable to create a very personal educational tour to Rwanda with inclusion of, activities related to your professional advantage or personal interest with a focus on intimate experiences with the local community, culture and the nation's established tourist attractions, and with access to a relaxing and special high-end travel environment. Our Rwanda educational team comprises of a range of young local and global experts in diverse fields, so as to guarantee you an intellectually challenging and truly enriching tour experience. We consider the Rwanda tourism an eco-tour, a specialized memorable

tour  and also offer you many pleasant activities to connect to its destinations and people. For a unique and tailor-made educational tour approach to the country, and gather an in-depth idea on its harsh realities and have a very close look at its transformation, contact us at and +250-788 255 906.