Hermosa Life Tours and Travel - Amazing and Authentic Kigali City Tour

Kigali is calmly nestled along scenic hilltops of Rwanda, serving as the commercial and political center of the nation. This city lies on many valleys and hills gaining the popular title of the Hill City. Kigali city has rich art and culture, and is showered with extraordinary architecture, craft markets, theatres, museums, recording studios and dance shows. Our Kigali City Tour is perfect for an intimate vision of Kigali in a fun and memorable way.

Kigali City Tour with the Best Cultural and Fun Activities

The dynamic capital city of Kigali is situated at the center of Rwanda and is notable for cleanliness, safety and hospitality.  It is an amazing place to start or end your Rwanda tour. We are an experienced Kigali tour operator providing great options to explore this beautiful and spectacular capital city with the best possible cultural activities such as visiting many world recognised museums, budding music scene, and some of the most unforgettable dining places in the East Africa. Our Kigali city tour enables you to cover much more than museums, art, markets and monumental sights with the insights of a local guide while taking a ride on a private vehicle. 

A Custom Designed Itinerary for Kigali City Tour

At Hermosa Life Tours and Travel, we offer custom itinerary tours to Kigali city in Rwanda.  Our Kigali city tour covers some of the most favorite destinations within Kigali such as the Gisozi genocide Museum and a few other genocide memorials like Ntarama church, Nyamata church, the Kandt House and Natural History Museum, a variety of art galleries - Uburanga Studio and Ivuka Studio along with access to some entertaining and adventurous activities like Souvenir shopping, climbing on Mount Kigali, tasting brochettes, walking to the Iby’Iwacu cultural village, the Kigali local markets, tracking golden monkey and more.

If you want the best tour option to visit and experience Kigali - the dynamic capital city of Rwanda, kindly contact us. We will respond with a perfect Kigali city tour package in Rwanda customized to fit to your demands and interests. Call us at +250-788 255 906 or send your mail to info@hermosalifetourism.com to explore Kigali in Rwanda the best way.