Why traveling alone to Rwanda is awesome

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Travelling alone can be pretty scaring but sometimes you have to dare to be you. Make the choice go visit a place you have never been to having faith in the unknown future that you will have fun, you will meet friends, and you will have a great time, etcetera. This is a choice easily taken by those who have a heart willing to dare, but it is still a choice any one can take.  Here are 5 benefits you should travel alone to a place like Rwanda.

Complete freedom. As a lone traveller you have pretty a lot of freedom to explore your destination. Hang out without limitations of who cares what and enjoy a travel experience without limits as the case could be while travelling in a group.

One extra is never a threat. Take an example you go at a tourist attraction, spend a lot of time at the site and may be get caught up with time, and you have to make decisions of choosing alternative accommodation, chances are high that you can always get a quick fix from a lodge or hotel even in peak seasons as opposed to a group.

More likely to meet new people. As a lone traveller, because you are a sole decision maker chances are very high that you will meet new people. Your chances of interacting with them will be high. In Rwanda, if it so happens that you get a chance to experience a local experience like a customary marriage or the annual Kwiti Izina – gorilla naming ceremony, you will have chances of talking to almost any one especially when you are in the company of the right tour operator.

Alone time. Psychologically and spiritually we all need time alone to connect with our deeper selves. As alone traveller, you will benefit a lot from the “Me-time”, one of those moments where you do not have any one to think about but you, and your life. Rwanda is a great place for lone travellers especially when you travel in the right seasons, you can always connect with new fellow tourists and locals at shared experiences like travel sites and residences, but at least you will always end up nesting alone.

Everything is quicker. As a lone traveller you never have to worry about delays. You are always the last person your tour consultant is always waiting for, you are always the last person clearing at the airport, checking in, booking a lodge; etc. Thing are usually quicker.

Well, travelling alone can always be fun but it has some disadvantages that are not really fatal; things like the temptation of being lonely, not having someone to always talk to, but that can always be handled, a trip is always a few days or weeks. You will soon connect back with your friends back home. To some extent in terms of security it could be challenging, but before you travel, you must check out for precautions.

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