The Rwandan Intore dance explored

Rwanda Cultural Tours

For a truly Rwandan experience one cannot do without exploring the traditional Rwandan dance. In this modern era, Rwanda is one of the countries where traditional forms of dancing have been preserved. Dancing has been an important traditional, social and cultural activity of the Rwandan people for many centuries.

Each dance style has its own special costume, the Intore dance, for example, is an ancient warrior dance which used to be performed to celebrate victory in wars. Dancers would perform exclusively for the king in his palace. Today Intore dance troupes are found throughout Rwanda and perform for everybody, especially tourists. The colourful costume of the Intore dancers consist of long or short skirts, ankle bands and head bands made of different beads, headdresses with grass wigs, small hand-painted shields and sticks, which represent spears.

Dance troupes wear long skirts with beaded belts won across their chest and shoulders. The tambourine members or drummers wear short skirts and beaded belts across their chest and shoulders.

Women, dancers wear ceremonial clothing like the traditional Imishanana or Imikenyero, sash draped over one shoulder worn over a long skirt and well fitted shirt.

So, as we have different dances elsewhere like salsa or ballet dances whose origin is from somewhere in the west, Rwanda is still held on its old traditions especially in dance. Next time you come to Rwanda, endeavour to experience the traditional side of the Rwandan dance. For your next trip to Rwanda, consider planning your trip with us.