The best way to connect with locals when you travel to Rwanda

Arts in Rwanda

Tourism in Rwanda has been branded with gorilla trekking, visiting game parks, visiting historical sites and all these other things on the “tourist expectation list”, but did you know that if we treated our tourism experiences as travel experiences we would benefit more? The difference between the two is, as a tourist you come to “see” but as a traveller, you come for something deeper, you come to “connect” with a place.

Here is the greatest tip to connecting with locals, when you come to a place like Rwanda.

Connect with locals using your passion. Gorillas, lions, leopards, giraffes, elephants, and all these other animals are good to see because these are not the kind of things you will find in a place like Berlin, Paris, or New York, but I am certainly sure you will find passions in these places.

Here is the point, what is your passion? Do you like soccer, basketball, cooking, movies, what is it? You are human. Rwanda is human. In addition to your Game Park and gorilla experiences, determine to connect with people using your passion. If you like business and entrepreneurship, connect at that level you will be amazed at how great the experience will turn out to be.

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