How to create a memorable small group safari to Rwanda

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It is perfectly fine to travel as one person to Rwanda but for a truly memorable experience, I would highly recommend a small group safari. Follow me below as I take you through the 7 tips on how to create a memorable small group safari to Rwanda.

  1. Find a number fit enough to use one safari vehicle: A stronger and affordable safari vehicle will comfortably carry up to around 8 people. I recommend travel in groups of 6 or 8 for convenience. This will not only be of great advantage when it comes to finding the right car, but for purposes of coordination it will come in handy.
  2. Travel with friends and family. Well, it’s always nice to make new fiends but for a short trip of 1 to 2 weeks, its best to travel with buddies. On the way to a safari destination, the fun will begin on the road. Everyone will have something to say. The conversation will flow.
  3. Book for everything as a group. In the business wold, discounts work better with groups. You will stand high chances on getting discounts on things like lodging. For example as opposed to booking accommodation only, you might choose to include meals as well and yet the price will remain as low as possible.
  4. Take wild life safari. In Rwanda, a group wildlife safari will turn out to be memorable. The road to Volcanoes or any other national park is filled with plenty scenes to see. Imagine when a safari begin on the road and the adventure continues in park or any other destination! For a group this will come in memorable.
  5. Go site visiting as a group. Once you come in to Rwanda, there is more to see than the gorilla, we have museums and many other historical sites that will turn a group trip into a memorable experience.
  6. Go cultural tourism as a group. Once you come to Rwanda, one of the things we will do is to organise a cultural trip for you. From my experience, the best cultural tourism is experienced in groups. Imagine you trying out the Rwanda cultural dance in a group. How fun could that could be?Couple in old-fashioned car on road trip
  7. Explore the city as a group. With a city trip, we can take you around Kigali for a truly memorable experience. If all you know are flyover roads back in your home city, come to Rwanda and you will find natural made fly-over roads. We are simply a country endowed with hills. What’s more is the flavour with which this adds on a city trip.