Community Based Tourism

Rwanda Tours

Hermosa Life Tours and Travel is a Kigali-based tour company and work with communities based in Rwanda. Our tourism activities are life-enriching for the participating visitors as well as their Rwandan hosts. We craft culturally engaging, intellectually challenging and very intimate high-value experiences that offer unique insights, educate and incite. We provide different opportunities for meaningful empowerment, sustainable economic development, poverty reduction, reconciliation and enhanced cultural pride.

Our Project Community based Tourism

To further proactively support the creation of life-enriching experiences for guests as well as hosts, we have decided to engage ourselves in the development of new and innovative tourism projects in collaboration with a range of local partners and communities. As a general rule, these projects aim not only at offering an intimate and very personal educational experience to the visitor, but also at providing the local hosts with invaluable opportunities to take part in and benefit from tourism activities. The projects can be visited as an excursion from Kigali or they can be built-in your longer educational travel program.

This is Rwanda

Nyamirambo is a busy multi-cultural commercial community of Kigali that offers visitors a typical Rwandan style ‘This is Rwanda’ experience brings you right into the heart of the colors, noises and smells of Rwanda.


Among others, you will experience the Muslim quarter with its Arab influences, the market, the West African tailors, the hair salons, the butcher, the health center and the primary school, the art of sisal Rwandan basketry tour, Nyamirambo Walking Tour, . Your hosts will also invite you to one of their homes where you will learn how to cook a Rwandan meal, and share lunch over fascinating conversations.

Visitors are further encouraged to buy locally made products. Benefits of these sales also accrue to the Community Development Fund. Book or inquire to find out more about This is Rwanda Tour.