9 marks of a great Rwandan tour operator


A good tour operator should be a number of things. It’s those things that you as a client should secretly be looking out for before subscribing to them. In this article I share 9 marks of a great tour operator.

1. Language versatility. A good tour guide should be versatile in language. He should be in position to speak to you as a client with boldness, clarity and confidence. He should also at least know the dominant language of the locals in the places you visit. Fortunately Rwanda speaks one language.

2. Excellent at time keeping. When the itinerary says, “Arrival time: 9:00 am,” you don’t want to deal with a tour operator who picks you up after one more hour or two. A good tour operator should simply be excellent at time keeping.

3. Friendly. At the first encounter of a prospective tour operator, you should be in position to notice a friendly chap. He should in position of expressing himself freely and demonstrate a high level of friendliness not arrogance or intimidating. This is key to expecting a great tour adventure.

4. Knowledgeable. A good tour operator is not the kind of guy who consults Google before you rather the one whose knowledge spills over at the mention of any question. If for example you are traveling to Rwanda, a good tour guide should be in position to chat with you while on a trip to either a game park or gorilla trekking. Even at the first encounter, they should be in position to speak from the point of knowledge.

5. Charming. In addition to knowledge, a good tour operator should be lively and engaging. He should be the kind of person who starts up a conversation and keeps you engaged all through as a opposed to a boring travel partner.

6. Interactive. Effective conversation is two-way. It is not a one-man lecture for you to play the role of a listener. A good tour operator should demonstrate the ability to stay interactive at all times. He should be the kind of persons who shares intriguing information and attracts questions easily.

7. Humorous. This is often by the nature of a person but a little humor is necessary. Travel is not all about the site you are visiting. In fact many times fascinating sites are never funny. Therefore the fun should be incited from a tour operator. However, if he is not as funny as expected, you could let it pass.

8. Attentive. This is a fantastic quality. Humans are complicated persons but the A-player is that attentive guide who pays attention to you, asks the right questions and understands your needs so that he acts accordingly.

9. Flexible. A good tour operator should be in position to stay flexible where need be. Sometimes change comes in unexpected. Let’s say you are specifically attracted by a different itinerary but at the time of your arrival, you discover that change is needed. A good operator should be in position to handle you accordingly not impose restrictions on you.

Well, the above are key pointers to what makes a good tour operator. At Hermosa Tours and Travel we strive to be the above. If you are planning a trip to Rwanda, plan your trip today with us.