8 things you must know before taking an African safari

African Safari Tours

Travelling on a safari to Africa is a common topic of discussion, perhaps I am not the first one to give it a shot but I still find the following are key things every person on a safari must know.

Things not to worry about. Random discomfort like aching feet and feeling tired. The African jungle is wide and there is no tourist scooter that has been created yet to navigate the wild. To combat this all you have to do is to possess determination to dare a trip and of course making sure once you get on a trip you eat right and take plenty water.

Carry the right shoes. Get yourself a pair of good rubber jungle boots or any other shoes, but at least with good rubber soles. This will help you eliminate most forms of discomfort when it comes to walking safaris. It is recommended to wear shoes for a few weeks before coming on a safari so as to find out whether they will be comfortable.

Treat wounds and soars the right way. On many walking trips if not careful it is easy to get scratches which could later turn into wounds and soars. Treat them in the soonest time possible and the right way so that you curb further growth to deeper medical attention.

Carry an insect repellent cream or spray. Unlike the ordinary clean home environments, the wild tends to have a lot of insects and mosquitoes whose bites could end up in something fatal. Prevention is better than cure. Carry the right insect repellent and remember to apply it especially whenever you go outdoors in the night or even in the jungle.

For photographers, mind the use of your black camera. Alternatively choose that in light colour. Anything darker is capable of affecting your camera when walking under the sun. Your equipment will heat up. The other option is to buy camera protective gear that will keep your camera from absorbing dust on most trips to game parks and game reserves.

Bring a shower cap. As DIY strategy this is not for your head. For additional camera protection. It should be kept in your camera bag, along with a spare T-shirt that will help keep your camera from dust once travelling.

Mind the colour of your clothes: For any form of wild life safari dark colours are highly recommended because of the camouflage they bring along with vegetation. Consider something dark green. In other places it could be brown or khaki. The reason behind this is to keep within in the animal expectations. Camouflaging with the wild will help keep harmony most animals. Avoid white, it is simply an unfriendly colour for most animals.

Consider travelling alone …for the sake of your photography: For anyone who has used a camera and appreciate photography will testify to the fact that sometimes photographers are the slowest human beings when it comes to taking photos. They are not slow, they are taking the right photo. This is the reason if your main travel objective is to take photos, travel alone of joining a photo safari and work in a group of those with the same mind.

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